A Taste for Haiti: Part 2

In my previous post, I made a cocktail inspired by the Haitian Rhum Punch recipe found in the book A Taste for Haiti, by Stephanie Renauld Armand.

For part 2 of my Haitian extravaganza, I’ll be making griot, a pork recipe that is widely considered the national dish of Haiti. I’ll also be making a ti-malice sauce, which is a homemade hot sauce found on many dinner tables across Haiti...

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Let them eat cake!

My husband and I are March babies. Our birthdays are five days apart. This year we celebrated a little late because of me. I came back from a trip and became quite ill, spending David's birthday and coincidentally our six month anniversary in the emergency room with IV and some heavy antibiotics. David was trooper and never complained. So when I got better, we decided to host a joint birthday party for our families. It was crowded, but a lot of fun. Here are some pictures from our festivus. 

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Birthday Buds

Today marks what would have been my uncle Jose's 54th birthday.  We always celebrated our birthdays together (because his is a day before mine), so the past couple of hours have been a bit challenging for me.  Instead of wallowing, I decided to share a couple of my favorite memories of my uncle.  Being a jokester, he wouldn't have wanted me to wallow. So here goes. My favorite memories of Tio Pepe:

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The Canton Negroni

On the heels of my recent Negroni seminar, I’ve decided to share my wife’s favorite cocktail: The Canton Negroni. I caught some flack from her for not talking about this cocktail at the seminar, so this is my attempt to make up for that.

Upon first meeting, my wife wasn’t much of a cocktail drinker. At the time, a cocktail to her was basically a rum and coke, maybe a mojito, or tragically, a vodka soda. So, the more we hung out, the more I tried to broaden her horizons with drinks like the Negroni, which she now loves. Eventually I introduced her to the delicious and versatile Domaine de Canton, a Cognac-based ginger liqueur, and pretty soon she wanted it delivered via an IV. 

Read on for the recipe. 

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I'll Have a Negroni

It’s hard to make a bad Negroni, but it’s really easy to make a great one. If you have some gin, some sweet vermouth, some Campari, a glass filled with ice, and some basic hand-eye coordination, you can easily make this boozy classic at home within a few stirs.

Last week, I spoke at a seminar for The Museum of the American Cocktail along with a few other Museum presenters: Luke JohnsonMatt Keller, and Museum co-founder and author Philip Greene. We discussed the history of the Negroni, how it originated with the Americano, and how its influences have inspired other classic cocktails like the Negroni Sbagliato, the Old Pal, and the Jasmine. We had a great turnout and everything went relatively smoothly, minus the drunk idiot who obviously spent hours at the bar before the seminar started.

Read on for pictures and a recipe. 

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Ditch the roses, and grab some of these…

I knew I wanted to marry David when I met his family. In particular, his parents. They are a lot like mine. They have been married for 37 years, which is unfortunately too rare these days. Furthermore, like my parents, they are best friends. They actually miss each other when they are apart, make each other laugh, and are always kind and affectionate with each other… even when they don’t want to be. I knew that if David and I both had this example that we had a real fighting chance. Eventually, life happens--people do get sick, lose jobs, etc., and I wanted a partner who not only loved me, but was willing to work at it when he didn’t feel it in that moment. With that in mind, David and I wanted to share a few nuggets of wisdom passed down from our parents. Thirty-seven years is nothing to scoff at! Take note.

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Popeyes and Champagne

You could go through all the standard motions for Valentine’s Day this year. The fancy dinner, the roses, and maybe something from Tiffany’s.

Or you could just order Popeyes.

Look, I’m not a cheap bastard. If my wife bought in to the tradition of showering your loved one with red and pink hued treats, I’d be pulling out all the necessary stops. Luckily, I married the girl who broke up with her high school sweetheart after he bought her a teddy bear and roses on Valentine’s Day.

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The Healing Power of Bacon

My Uncle is really sick. He's the baby boy of my Mom's family, a decorated NYC detective, and he taught me what a foodie was before it was cool. He knew every hole in the wall in the greater NY area where you could get the best sandwich, Italian food, and arroz con pollo. I was excited to share this blog with him when we first started it, because as his favorite niece, I thought he would enjoy poking fun of my non-existent cooking skills.

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Football Season is Almost Over

This coming Sunday serves as an unofficial holiday in our household. However, David and I celebrate this day for different reasons.

David celebrates Super Bowl Sunday, which consists of day-long cooking projects, beer drinking, and hours of football and the accompanying commercials.

I celebrate Thank the Lord in Heaven, Football Season is Over Day! Never am I more excited for a football game.

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